2014 Coastal Carolina MX Racing Schedule
Sponsored by AGT Racing
                            PLEASE: THIS SCHEDULE MAY CHANGE
                                                                    DUE TO TRACK,WEATHER AND
                                                                    DATE CONFLICTS

                       2014 CCMX Spring Series

March 9th:   Sandridge MX                                                     
March 23rd: Ironclad Motorsports
April   27th: JWTF
May   4th:   Hawbranch MX
May   18th: Halfmoon MX
June  1st:  Creswell MX
June  8th   5 Points MX   
 This is the last race of CCMX             
                                   spring season. The spring awards
                                   will be handed out at this race.


Nights under the Lights
       *non-points races- no membership required*

June Night races: 14th Ironclad Motorsports
                        28th Halfmoon MX

July Night races:   5th.  5 points MX (special independence race)
                                                       Details to be posted
                      12th Ironclad Motosports
                      26th Halfmoon Mx

Aug Night races
                       9th   Ironclad Motosports

CCMX Fall Series

Sept    7th   Creswell MX
Sept    20th  Ironclad Motorsports-
*Annual Fair Race*
Sept    28th  5 Points MX
Oct      12th  Hawbranch MX
Oct      26th  Open                          (pro shootout @Hog Heaven)
Nov     2nd    JWTF
Nov     9th    Halfmoon MX  
    16th  Sandridge MX