2014 Coastal Carolina MX Racing Schedule
Sponsored by AGT Racing
                           PLEASE: THIS SCHEDULE MAY CHANGE
                                                                   DUE TO TRACK,WEATHER AND
                                                                   DATE CONFLICTS

                      2014 CCMX Spring Series

March 9th:   Sandridge MX                                                     
March 23rd: Ironclad Motorsports
April   27th: JWTF
May   4th:   Hawbranch MX
May   18th: Halfmoon MX
June  1st:  Creswell MX
June  8th   5 Points MX   
 This is the last race of CCMX             
                                  spring season. The spring awards
                                  will be handed out at this race.


Nights under the Lights
      *non-points races- no membership required*

June Night races: 14th Ironclad Motorsports
                       28th Halfmoon MX

July Night races:   5th.  5 points MX (special independence race)
                                                      Details to be posted
                     12th Ironclad Motosports
                     26th Halfmoon Mx

Aug Night races
                      9th   Ironclad Motosports
23rd  5 Points MX Park                     

CCMX Fall Series

Sept    7th   Creswell MX
Sept    20th  Ironclad Motorsports-
*Annual Fair Race*
Sept    28th  5 Points MX
Oct      12th  Hawbranch MX
Oct      26th  Open                          (pro shootout @Hog Heaven)
Nov     2nd    JWTF
Nov     9th    Halfmoon MX  
    16th  Sandridge MX