2018 spring races
March   11rd  moved due to rain out
March   17th  WCMX (note: This race will be run
                 on Saturday, Sunday time schedule
                  will be used)
April     14th   5 Points MX Park
April     21nd  CowBranch MX

May 6th  IRONCLAD/ BBQ festival
     Sunday Race

May    19th Halfmoon MX

June    2rd  JWTF
2018 Summer races
June     16th  Halfmoon MX
                Non CCMX series Race

June     TBA

July      7th  5 Points MX
Summer nights under the lights

July     14th     Halfmoon MX
                 Non CCMX series Race

July      TBA

Aug   4th     5 Points MX Park
Summer Nights under the lights
2018 fall races
Aug            TBA
Aug            TBA
Sept           TBA
Sept           TBA
Oct             TBA
Oct  27th    5 Points MX Park
                     Halloween Bash Race
Nov            TBA
Nov            TBA
Dec            TBA