2019 CCMX Race series
Spring 2019
March 10th                WCMX
March 17th                Cowbranch MX
March 24th               JWTF
March  31st              Ironclad MX
April  14th                5 Points MX
May 4th                ** Halfmoon MX**
(This race will run under the lights)
May 26th                 Countyline MX
June  2nd                TBA  
Summer 2019
Racing under the lights
June 15th              Halfmoon MX
June 29th              Ironclad MX
July  13th             Halfmoon MX
July  20th             5 Points MX
Aug  3rd               Ironclad  MX
Aug   31st            5 Points MX
All summer races will be held
under the lights

Fall 2019
Aug 24th           Halfmoon MX
        (This race will be held under the lights)
Sept 1st            Countyline MX
Sept 22nd         Cowbranch MX
Oct 12th           Ironclad Mx
   (Annual Fair Race- special times)
Oct 20th           JWTF
Oct 27th           5 Points MX
Nov 10th         Beaver Creek MX
Nov 17th         WCMX
Dec 1st   ECMX
Fair Grounds Race in Oct.
Race entry also includes fair admission.
Sign up and practice times to be
Main Event starts 7:00pm